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About PC

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Healing begins with a conversation.

Pussrageous Conversations, PC is the culmination of a 20-year diverse healthcare experience of registered nurse, Lorraine Battle. This longevity, backed by a BSN and specialty training ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics, exposed Lorraine to the stereotypical sexual myths and misconceptions propagated to sexually active women by the patriarchal healthcare society. These misguided actions, often double-standards, have unfortunately been embedded in the society’s culture, to the detriment of women, their bodies, and sexual pleasures. What’s worse? Older women, blacks, minorities and those that have undergone sexual traumas have borne the greatest brunt of this humiliation.

With comprehensive expertise in inclusion and holistic nursing, sexual health advocacy, education, and a desire to explore and enjoy her own pussy, pleasure, and sexuality Lorraine conceptualized Pussrageous Conversations, an ideal avenue to empower sexually vulnerable women through language, safe conversations, and healing.


Through this labor of love, women can reclaim back their bodies, their feminine identity, and with it, rejuvenate, own and control their sex lives. By organizing various forums such as public speaking, workshops, seminars, retreats, community healing sessions, etc., Pussrageous Conversations aims to eliminate sexual shame, increase sex-positive body knowledge, education, self-love, give permission for pleasure, and healing Power.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

- Alice Walker

Our Mission

Our mission is shaped and inspired by our purposeful intention to transform human society through the provision of essential truths & education for human enlightenment about the vulva, the pussy, and P.U.S.S.Y. power.

We are poised in disseminating our passion for healing human society with courageous conversations that influence safe sex-positive exploration, sexuality, desire, sexual identity, sexual wellness and affirming sexual pleasure with an unbiased worldview. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

To Empower Eroticism

To change the dialogue about sexual satisfaction, address and heal through sexual trauma, and influence ways sexual health can be optimized.

To let our audience know that the power to lifetime sexual wellness, health, erotic desires, and pleasure come from within.

To Educate

To shift conversations around sexual wellness. We will create learning channels and opportunities for our listeners to know how to practice safe sex, learn about sexual needs, desires and pleasures of their bodies and meet these needs in a sex-positive healthy pleasure affirming way without fear, guilt or shame.

To Elevate

To create a transparent and open community where friends can freely discuss their sexual expectations, erotic desires, and fears regarding sex without attracting criticism or judgment.

To help our audience feel Pussrageously beautiful about their bodies and their sexuality at any age by eliminating the social and mental barriers created by the ideals of society due to lack of sex-positive, pleasure affirming education.

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