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What is Pussrageous Conversations?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Healing begins with a conversation. The Who, What, When Where, Why and How of Pussrageous Conversations.

Welcome to my first blog entry. I am Lorraine Battle or Raine, Sister Goddess is ok as well, but most call me amazing, even magnanimous - oops lost my train of thought. Ok, you can call me Raine.

Before we get into the blog, - I know..., I can't wait either, but...let's go over some house rules, - more like Foundation safe space understandings, similar to when you go to a workshop or seminar and the moderator stands up and allows everyone to know exactly where everything is and how everything is going to work.

Example: In my sing-song moderator voice,

They say "no talking, the bathroom is outside to the left, if anyone wants to say something please raise your hand and share respectful space, don't take over",

oh and my favorite - "you ONLY get one minute to share because we have To stay on time People."

Now that we are laughing at the memory and are on the same page.

Let us create a safe space, its something I do with anyone I might want to get real with and have a courageous conversation . It will transport us straight through small talk into the soul transforming world of safe courageous or even better Pussrageous Conversations. I'd like to set up Safe Space, can we try? "What exactly do you mean by Safe Space?!" I hear you, I see you, I acknowledge you.  The politics and mechanics of the words "Safe Space" mean a wide range of things to a wider range of people. What is Safe Space? The Safe Space Tool is a set of ground-rules for creating consensual, productive, and drama-free high-stakes courageous conversations. Just because I say safe space, doesn't mean everyone understands what a safe space is. We at Pussrageous Conversations acknowledge, value, understand and will use safe space in all our courageous conversations in every platform we are part of.

Lets learn about safe space, here goes:

Equalize the Space confidentiality share experiences & lessons, no gossip and identifying details, make space/take space – challenge yourself to step out of your pattern challenge the idea or the practice being voiced, Not the person voicing them- read that again. Not the person voicing them. We can agree to disagree,- or not, but we will respect each thought, idea and desire. Everyone has equal worth, and all perspectives are equally valid.

Check Your Assumptions no judgments or ‘disclaimers/self-judgments ’everyone is an individual, not just a representative of a group. Use I Statements’ – own your perspective, don’t project it. Believe in our common best intentions.

The Right to be Human respect each other’s right to be human (to have a bad day, to be triggered, to fail, etc.) honor differences always, center them when appropriate (family of origin, culture, orientation, race, class, gender, ability, etc.) acknowledge emotions appropriately practice giving and receiving forgiveness, kindness and love. Everything in Love - once taught to me from a special person.

Consensual Dialogue

Pussrageous Conversations safe space foundation understandings.

  1. We are a safe courageous sex-positive, pleasure affirming sacred space- No gossip. We do not shame- No sex shame, no partner shame, no body shame. Everyone gets to share their voice. We will respect everyone's voice, space, comments, and energy. I'll say it again no Disrespect tolerated. We will understand our opinions, thoughts and ideas will not always match and that's okay.Through differences of ideas that is how we will grow, evolve, manifest, share, and enjoy educating ourselves about our pussy.

oh- and the bathroom is outside to the right.

And now, Let us share safe space and back to our Blog....grab your drink of choice, maybe some tissue - just in case, and let's get this poppin'.

Before we talk about what is Pussrageous Conversations, we first have to talk about what is Pussrageous.

Pussrageous? What is Pussrageous?

Well,'s, ummm, sigh,'s an emo..., No, it's that aha moment. That oh...shit ... I do get it moment, I GET IT!!! Pussrageous is that feeling of euphoric, orgasmic blissful magnificence. You with your eyes closed, warm sun kissing your skin, shoulders relaxed, jaw unclenched, serene. That peaceful quiet of the mind and chatter of thoughts as you intake a deep, crisp sharp, cool breathe to fill your lungs. That feeling when space, time, matter, exhilarating fast-moving positive energy and tingly fierce hot sensations dance on your skin and then.. it clicks,- the moment it just clicks and you realize you aren't afraid. There's no fear, no doubt, no shame, and no competition. It's when you unleash the thoughts and lies that aren't yours,- maybe those thoughts were your parents, or your friends, partners, probably societies but not your thoughts. Never were your thoughts, those negative, limiting thoughts always made you cringe anyway, they made you gasp sometimes on its bitter ignorance, choke even, hesitate, and shake your head. You realize the lies, the inconsistencies, the false-hoods that you were forced to swallow, that no-longer serve you, your pussy, or your heart are keeping you from your divine connection to your power. It's THAT moment. The moment that you know freedom. Pussrageous is freedom, my love, my friend, my sister-in-care, Its You. And you are magnificent As you are.

And now, what's Pussrageous Conversations or PC?

PC is our world, where we share by having conversations, as all healing begins with a courageous conversation. Conversations where we can have unrestrained access to safe, sex-positive, healing communication, education and pleasure-affirming opportunities to claim our greatness on the most neglected and overlooked topic in humanity, P.U.S.S.Y., it's power and pleasure respectively.

I'm excited that we are together on this Pussrageous journey of healing, education, pleasure, and advocacy for our pussy; however, it may look or manifest itself. This is an avenue that I've been talking about for quite some time, both in my personal life, and professional nurse life. I am the one that always talks about pussy. I talk about loving your pussy, enjoying your pussy- not just in sexual pleasure but the power of pussy- we birth nations if we choose, that is power- (nations - wow let that sink in, We birth nations...). Whew, like I was saying, I love talking and talking about understanding your pussy, connecting to your pussy, looking at your pussy, being brilliant and courageous enough to say the word out loud. Pussy.

We will take out a mirror and look at our pussy later, and have our partners if we choose to have them look at our pussys later as well. What I found is that many don't like saying the word pussy, through oppression and learned behaviors, society has placed a negative connotation. The word pussy has been dehumanized and regarded as something dirty, something that should not be talked about in public, and something that good girls don't touch, talk about, look at, or give away. (Insert finger-wagging here).

Let's change that ideal as courageously as we can. We can and will change negative ideals, beginning with our mindset, by having courageous conversations about pussy, courageous conversations about touch, feel, and smell. Yes, the Pussy is not to smell like roses or candy; oops, again, lost my train of thought. It’s about looking at pleasure and how that translates to joy. Courageous conversations about who we are, how we are feeling about our pussy, how we evolve, who are alliances are with, who we stand for, and what we will not stand for any longer. When we begin with courageous conversations with ourselves, we can then include our partners. From there, we can teach generations to come into healing and love.

Everything in Love.

P.U.S.S.Y. is an acronym. As we grow in pussy together, I will use a letter from the word to highlight a meaning regarding sexual health, sexual pleasure, address any sexual questions, and sexual resources that I will forward to you. Sexual resources include current books I'm reading, great work from motivators and movers that are doing wonderful things about sexual health, giving permission for pleasure and education, plus events that are happening in the area near and far.

One of those events will be my collaboration with some great people that are doing great work with cannabis. We will give our workshop together talking about CBD oil and the benefit it has to sexual health and pleasure. Stay tuned.

I think you did it; we did it. We shared a positive, safe space together within my first blog. We had our first pussrageous conversation.

But just to be sure, let me go over the specifics.

  1. Who - We are Pussrageous Conversations, courageous conversations about P.U.S.S.Y, pleasure, and Power. I think you're wondering where I got the title from? It’s a play on words, I combined pussy and courageous together to make Pussrageous, Pretty snazzy isn't it?

  2. What - We at Pussrageous Conversations aim to eliminate sexual shame. We will increase body awareness, sex-positive knowledge, self-love, pleasure, and anything and everything that affects and effects pussy- finances, food hunger, grief, medications to name a few. And we will do this with healing platforms of safe courageous conversations within ourselves and with others.

  3. When - Every week on Thursday

  4. Where- Via Instagram, Facebook, blogging, and podcasts

  5. Why - Society has dictated our bodies, our feminine identities, our pussy, our orgasms, or lack of, for far too long. We are going to be sexually empowered, we are going to love ourselves, and our pussy connection, we are going to reclaim and love our bodies, we are going to rejuvenate; we are going to own and control our sex lives and our orgasms.

  6. How do we do this - Share the blog. Share and listen to the podcast. Hit me up with questions regarding sexual health and anything you want to have courageous conversations regarding on my IG account, email, schedule me for sexual empowerment and educational events, and Don't forget to comment on the blog below. Let's share a positive safe space. Let's have a pussrageous conversation.

”Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.” –Rachel Naomi Remen

Until next time,

Pussrageously and Courageously yours,


@pussrageous on Instagram

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